OASIS® Dry Floral Foam Ring SEC Ø30cm 1TK

Tootekood: 21-00005
EAN: 5024242009459
For artificial and dried flowers
Sarnased tooted
Rigid, strong & waterproof base
Depth of wet foam 3,2cm
Total depth 5,3cm
OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife
Tootekood: 8206 ,   EAN: 5024242810130
NEW stylish Matt Black Base
100% Recycled and Recyclable plastic
4,5cm depth foam
Tootekood: 8105 ,   EAN: 5024242800742
Tootekood: 8204 ,   EAN: 5024242810116
Pre-cut heart shapes. Sits in a clear plastic tray.
Provides a water source for fresh flowers. Quick saturation. Low drainage.
Disposal: Tray - not yet recyclable but we´re working on it! Dispose of in general waste. Foam - dispose of in general waste.
Tootekood: 11-00475