Clayrton’s invites you to discover its range of bouquet wrapping, accessories and decorative items. More than simply a manufacturer, the brand brings you original ideas to help with the use of its products. Its teams work hard to offer you diversity, quality and innovation.

Family business since 1968, Clayrton’s is one of the leading players in the floral and festive market. Expert of wrapping paper and accessories for the florists, the company spreads over the whole Europe. Clayrton’s also develops a wider range in festive decoration and gift paper. Located in Roubaix (north of France), the company manage a factory and a design department that create patterns and new products.

Clayrton’s deeply considers the environmental challenges its time. The company took the gamble of the green business for many years, bringing solutions which could adapt the life of packaging to environmental protection. 100% of our kraft are PEFC certified, all paper and cellophane packaging are printed with water-based inks and made in France. Clayrton’s place the social and sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.

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