FOAM FRAMES® Floral Foam Ring Ø41cm 2TK

Tootekood: 8204
EAN: 5024242810116
Sarnased tooted
Bricks measure L:23 x W:11 x H:7.5cm
For artificial and dried flowers. Water resistant - use indoors or outdoors.
Density that holds stems for permanent displays. Can be easily pinned, glued or sprayed with colour.
Tootekood: 2002 ,   EAN: 5024242200020
Size: Cage - L:19 x W:13 x H:9cm Handle - L:12cm
Our Black Floral Bases are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable!
Provides a water source for fresh flowers. Quick saturation. Low drainage.
Tootekood: 3034 ,   EAN: 5024242310203
Rigid, strong & waterproof base
Depth of wet foam 3,2cm
Total depth 5,3cm
OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife
Tootekood: 8206 ,   EAN: 5024242810130
Measures: L:260cm Each Cylinder: ø5cmx13cm
12 Cylinders per garland. Quick soaking and high water retention.
Ensures long flower life thanks to Maxlife technology.
Tootekood: 3076 ,   EAN: 5024242308071