NAYLORBASE® Floral Foam Ring Ø36cm 2tk

Tootekood: 8102
EAN: 5024242800063
NEW stylish Matt Black Base
100% Recycled and Recyclable plastic
4,5cm depth foam
Sarnased tooted
Bricks measure L:23 x W:11 x H:7.5cm
For artificial and dried flowers. Water resistant - use indoors or outdoors.
Density that holds stems for permanent displays. Can be easily pinned, glued or sprayed with colour.
Tootekood: 2002 ,   EAN: 5024242200020
Tootekood: 8104 ,   EAN: 5024242800735
Tootekood: 8204 ,   EAN: 5024242810116
Size: L:25 x W:9 x H:5cm
Pre-cut rectangular shapes. Strong plastic tray. Deeper tray provides water reservoir.
Provides a water source for fresh flowers. Quick saturation. Low drainage.
Tootekood: 4043 ,   EAN: 5024242300470