BAG AQUA CREAME - L - 170x210x200mm 1TK

Tootekood: 39G2001
Sarnased tooted

Size: 21.5 x 21 x 10.5cm

Tootekood: 41-01534 ,   EAN: 5024242123094

Heart shaped hat box
Surprise box style
Lid with magnetic fastening
Lid can be open or closed
Subtle ripple stripe design
´Just for you´ motif
H:10.5 x W:21.8 x D:21.8cm
Available in three on-trend colours

Tootekood: 41-01872 ,   EAN: 5024242141746
Tootekood: 992770021 ,   EAN: 9900000170752