Sooduspakkumised Vaata veel
Tootekood: 41-01536 ,   EAN: 5024242123117
Size: 21.5 x 21 x 10.5cm
Tootekood: 41-01534 ,   EAN: 5024242123094
Tootekood: BPI50 ,   EAN: 8435056066588
Tootekood: WER-8937 ,   EAN: 8719533048756
Tootekood: 400603280546 ,   EAN: 400603280546
Size: H:10 x Ø:10.5cm
Tootekood: 45-03196 ,   EAN: 5024242144174
Tootekood: KLAASV
Tootekood: KORVWEL24
Heart shaped hat box
Surprise box style
Lid with magnetic fastening
Lid can be open or closed
Subtle ripple stripe design
´Just for you´ motif
H:10.5 x W:21.8 x D:21.8cm
Available in three on-trend colours
Tootekood: 41-01873 ,   EAN: 5024242141753
Tootekood: BIKINI_70CM_25ST
Tootekood: CORAL_REEF_60CM_25ST
Tootekood: COUNTRY_HOME_40CM_25ST
Tootekood: CREME_DE_LA_CREME_40CM_25ST
Tootekood: ENCANTO_40CM_25ST
Tootekood: FULL_MONTY_40CM_25ST
Tootekood: HIGH_&_MAGIC_70CM_25ST
Tootekood: HOT_EXPLORER_70CM_25ST
Tootekood: KAHALA_50CM_25ST
Tootekood: GYP_XLENCE_1000GR_F25ST
Tootekood: XLENCE_1000GR_RAINBOW_F25ST
Tootekood: LIGHTHOUSE_40CM_25ST
Tootekood: MOONSTONE_70CM_25ST